The president address

        It has been 30 plus years since the establishment of Taiwan Benefit Company after being separated from its mother company- Taiwan Development Group. Through years of close technical cooperation with well-known foreign technical firms & machinery makers and also having received strong supports from many domestic and foreign industrial customers, TBC was able to grow into a multi-phase technical service company. With its readily available professional task force, TBC's business scope includes the design and manufacturing of machineries and integration of various selected machineries into a completely operable production?line. Furthermore ,by continuously carrying out research and development (R&D)trials and exercising upgrade practice of the standard of technical service quality, TBC at present has become a even more capable technical service company widely known to local & international industrial customers as a reliable and trustworthy business and trade partner.

          Our company policy is to place sincere and earnest technical service to our customers, to upgrade the standard of product quality, and to manage the company in a sound and steady manner. By providing our customers with multi-phase integrated technical services, we will be able to make TBC a distinguished company in the 21 st century which will contribute to the advancement of industrial technology. We deem that each product transacted with our technical service shall be to the customer's advantage.

          In conclusion, Research & Development is the driving force of the company, passion for providing technical service is our goal , and we will always strive for perfection. TBC would like to share the benefit of success and the bright vision of itself with our customers, employees, shareholders as well as with the general public society.


        洪振攀/George J.P.Horng