Interested Party Area

        Interested Party Area??
        The company sought to maintain good relations of cooperation with stakeholders, in order to maintain through perfect communication reach its rights.

        Implementation of customer policies:

        Under the policy of the supremacy of customers, the company in addition to providing the food and beverage of process equipment and packaging machinery manufacturing, the introduction of more new technology and several world leading brand manufacturers cooperation, investment in industrial equipment R & D, production, manufacturing, and become Taiwan and China as one of the most well-known of food related professional equipment manufacturers. The company and through the ISO9001 management system quality certification to ensure product design and production processes to achieve the highest standards, and fully meet customer requirements.

        The interests of employees and employees concern:

        Personnel selection and employment, not by race, caste, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or age factors and discrimination.

        prohibition of the employment of forced employees and child labour in conformity with the relevant labor laws premise, formulate the remuneration policy and structure of the whole, to attract, motivate, reward and retain talents

        Provide smooth communication channels, let employees at any time to the company wide provided constructive opinions; to safeguard the rights and interests of employees work, from sexual harassment of working environment, take appropriate preventive pre, correction and punishment measures.

        Investor relations

        The company has always attached importance to investor relations, in addition to complete the spokesman system and investor relations processing window, to strengthen information disclosure timeliness and transparency, to protect the rights and interests of investors.

        Contact information:

        Spokesman:CFO Jin bi Xu

        Agency spokesman: Manager of management Guo an Wang

        TEL: +886-2-87511222 EXT:211

        In supplier relationship

        The company under the strict supplier selection process, once established cooperative relations, seek to maintain a long-term and stable cooperation with suppliers.

        Contact information:

        Contact person:purchasing department Assistant Manager Chen

        TEL: +886-2-87511222 EXT:608