Check weigher

        Check weigher???
        Electronic automatic Check weigher is used to measure the weight of products while high-speed conveying and inspect the products with unfitted weight, meanwhile executing the fluctuating distinguish or weight control automatically. The High-precise and high-speed weight measure can automatically get rid of the unexpected products on product line and weight control classification automatically, which can saving man power, improving efficiency, avoiding the complaint of customers because of packing too much or lack of weight, and to be the best quality equipment on the automatic product and packaging system.
        The rang of the inspecting: 500g-10kg(designed according to the request of customer)
        The speed of conveyor:10M/min-40M/min(according to the request of customer)
        Capacity :20-100 pcs/min
        Accuracy: 0.1-0.2%F.S.
        Inspecting conveyor and weighing unit specification are designed according to requirement.