Air Shower

        Air shower???
        As an important unitized equipment," air shower" is used to maintain workroom and workshop clean. Eliminate the dust on the operators body and carried goods before enter the clean area. It also acts as air gate to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area so as to assure the lustration of the environment. The "Air shower has been widely used in many fields such as pharmaceutical、food、electron、optical instruments and biotechnical , etc.
        Applicable No.: single、2~4 persons、above 4 persons
        Air shower dimension: can be designed as per the requirement
        Filter clean efficiency (vs. dust): ≧0.5μm dust≧99.99 %( Sodium Flame)
        Air speed at the spout: 20m/sec adjustable
        Air showing time: 0~99s adjustable
        Circulation air volume: 1000~2000m3/h