Dairy products

        ?Dairy product line???
        Suitable applied product
        Fresh milk; flavor milk; drinking yoghurt/ stirred yoghurt/ set yoghurt and
        various kind of milk based product
        Suitable container to be treated
        PET ; CAN; HDPE; Paper carton
        Available capacity
        3,000 packs per hour to 30,000 packs per hour (depending on the container material/
        size and product to be treated )
        Supply Features
        - The line is designed and constructed by TBC at a turn- key basis. Client contacts with
        ?? one window for a total solution and service.
        - Each of equipment designed meeting the regulation of Food sanitary standard, which
        ? guarantees the hygiene of the products
        - Most optimized and efficient design according to customer’s requirements.
        - Whole system is designed with automatic control system( semi-auto as option);
        ? from production starting till ending production with auto CIP system, the system is
        ? established and program memorized for operate automatically.
        - Human Machine Interface with Touch Up Operator Screen
        - Semi- auto design is available based on requirement
        The supply of turn-key system is inclusive of
        Liquid process system, which covering from the equipment supply as below
        →Raw milk receiving and clarification system
        →Milk clarifier
        →Milk standarization
        →Blending system
        →Pasteurizer or UHT system,
        →CIP system
        Packaging system: which covering the equipment supply as below

        →unscrambler or Depalletizer
        → Rinser/Filler/Capper monoblock
        →Cap pasteurization by UV or Chlorine water
        →Sleeve labeling or roll fed labeling machine
        →inkjet coder for bottle and carton/ case
        →packing machine( wrap around or shrink wrapper), crate packer
        →auto- palletizer various conveyor system, including Air Conveyor, gable top chain conveyor,roller chain, plastic conveyor