Sleeve labelling machine

        Sleeve Labelling machine???
        ?◆ Supplying from the up stream processing equipment to the complete packing line,service duty ranges from the project feasibility study and evaluation to technical design,facility manufacture and installation,commissioning.Offer a single contact window and total solution service to benefit our clients.

        Sleeve Labelling machine

        ◆ Sleeve Labelling machine is widely applied to the fields including Food, Beverage ,pharmaceutical and detergent.Though the use of printed sleeve to various kinds of commercial containers,the content of product is completely protected,and the quality of product is well maintained.
        ◆ Furthermore, the functions and ingredients of product are well expressed and displayed to the consumers through the decoration.Therefore creates a new &#118alue to the produc

        Containers range:from plastic bottle (PET、PE、PS……), Glass and can with various shapes covering square,Cylindrical,Oval,Rectangular and Unique Shape.All various containers are suitable to apply sleeve labeling machine.

        Sleeve material applied:Suitable for PVS,OPS,PET sleeve material.

        Machine features
           The king Hong's sleeve machine is disclosed to the market since 1990.Its durable/reliable performance and excellet shrinkage effect have been approved by the customer around the world.More than 300 machine references have been successfully installed.

        → Innovative sleeve cutting by utilization patent of the star static cutter design approved to be simplest,fastest,most reliable and deficient.
        → Advanced electric or steam media heating tunnel with both flexible and effective shrinking result.
        → Suitable for full and partial lable demanded in different market.
        → Center PLC controlled for a good synchronization of up-steam and down-stream equipment to reach a best line efficiency.

        Product (container) infeeding Unit
        ◆ The products (Bottle/Can) arrive from the up-atream conveyor (plastic or stainless steel) to the KSL shrinking machine.

        Sleeve Handling Uint
        ◆ Including sleeve reel,sleeve transferring and buffer unit.

        Sleeve positioning device
        ◆ By use of belt support unit and rubber(nylon) straps brushing unit to put sleeves position in right position.

        Sleeve inserting and cutter device
        ◆ Consisting of label unfolding in the Mandrel Cylindrical and 6-Knifes cutter

        Shrinking tunnel
        ◆ Either by steam or electric heating directly to the sleeved products for shrinking purpose.
        ?Technical Information


         Electrical supply 3*380volt+N+PE,50HZ(or 60HZ)
         PLC type ● Mitsubishi or others (to be confirmed)
         compressed air ● 6BAR
         Steam ● 4BAR
         Cooling water ● 2BAR
         Product (Container) to be treated
         Container material  to be advised
         Container shape
        * Container drawing requested
         to be advised(Square shape
        Cylindrical shape Unique shape)
           Content    to be advised.

         Label to be supplied

          Sleeve material to be advised      (PVC,OPS OR PET FILM)

          Layflat : to be advised
         Cut length: to be advised
         label Thickness: to be advised
         Core size: to be advised

        Machine Range
        1. Modle KSL-3000:suitable for high output and complex bottle shape,machine speed up to 600 BPM
        2. Modle KSL-2002:suitable for Medium/high output requirement,machine speed up to 500 BPM
        3. Modle KSL-2000:suitable for low/medium output requirement,machine speed up to 300 BPM
        4. Shrinking over:Optimum design to fit to the requirement of the sleeve
        labeling,Available with either steam or electric heating media

        Innovative/Patent Design Satellite stationery technology
        Direct sleeve inserting
        No product,no sleeve
        Equipped with cutter controlled by inverter
        No tooling needed for parts change over
        Machine no stop during sleeve change over.(Optional for model KSL-3000)
        Machine height adjustable for different container height demand.
        Automatic microprocessor controlled.
        Switchable from one to two head. (Optional for model KSL-3000)
        Suitable for low/medium/high output required,machine output reaches up 600BPH based on the exact bottle shape and requirement.
        Equipped with safety-housing, (Optional for model KSL-3000/KSL-2002)