Granules packaging

        powders/ Granules packaging, Italy made???
        Main Application:
        a wide range of products in powders, granules and pieces, especially foodstuffs like coffee, tea, flour, sugar, rice, cookies, biscuits, candies, pasta, grated cheese, etc., but also detergent powders and chemical/pharmaceutical products
        Machine introduction
        1. sturdy and reliable mechanical movements with automatic central lubrication systems governed by the most advanced PLC control systems.
        2. All ** packaging lines may be equipped with: integrated check-weigher, Siemens PLC control system with touch screen display or PC, supervision system, electrical axes management with servo-driven motors, on-line diagnostics via modem connection, coding and dating devices, labelling units and clip-closing devices, bundlers, palletizers and auger fillers, cup-type volumetric fillers or weighing systems with single or associative heads. The coffee packaging lines may be prepared for fitting Aroma System degassing valves and for packaging in modified atmosphere with gas flushing.


        MACHINE Type
        Application and machine range
        HF series,
        high speed rotary packaging machine
        Application: Wheat Flour、Granule sugar
        Filled Volume: 250 - 1000g per bag
        Machine Rang: 90 - 100 Bags per Minute
        HI series, Vacuum packaging machine
        Application: Coffee powder、Roasted Coffee bean、Bean product Filled Volume: 250 - 2000g per Bag Machine Range: 45 -55 Bags per Minute
        AROMA series
        Application: Coffee powder ,Granule sugar、Tea、Rice and sliced or powder soap Filled volume: 350 - 2000g per bag
        Machine Range: 45 - 55 Bags per Minute
        CSV series, vertical packaging machine
        Application: various kinds of powder with pillow shape, gusseted and flat bottom Filled volume: 150 -1000 per Bag
        Machine Range: 40 -120 Bags per Minute