Inspection machine

        ?inspection machine ,American made machine???
        **,USA is one of famous inspection machine producer in the world, specialty in PET bottle. Pressco equipment can be used to inspect preform and container. For perform, equipment can be used to check out the length of perform, crystal status, damages of seal, bubbles, bad wrinkle, and if have impurity etc. For empty bottle, can be used to inspect seal, bottle bottom, bottle neck/bottle shoulder, bottle body, bottle mouth etc. any defect of perform and empty bottle can be checked out by equipment.
        All systems can inspect the bottle size between 0.35 kilolitres ~1.5 kilolitres, the capacity is up to 39,000 bottle/hour, can inspect crystal bottle and non-crystal bottle. Details content are described as following table:

        inspection item
        Bottle bottom inspection
        (1) fold, block (2) alveolus of bottle bottom (3) pearl grain, fog surface,diaphaneity (4) stain (5) departure of center point (6) bottle bottom broken
        Seal inspection
        (1) Broken of seal or airproof surface Scratch (2) dimension deficiency (3) brown point (4) stain
        Capping inspection
        (1) after filling high cap
        (2) after fiiling askew cap
        Bottle surface inspection
        (1) bottle dimension inspection (2) brown point inspection