Film shrink packer-pad+film

        Film shrink packer-pad+film???
        Packagng type:Pad+ film
        Standard model:TBS300P/TBS450P/TBS600P

        Machine Feature
        →The machine is suitable for making film only, pad+film products
        →Self-supporting frame with sliding doors which makes machine control and maintenance
        →Axis control by brushless motors, axis synchronization and accurate position-setting.
        →whole-linked mechanical design shortens the product change-overtime.
        →The control panel consists in a free-standing lectern, on which there is a PC with touch
        screen”. color? graphic alarm signals showing the machine problems and faults.
        →Special film reel device and cutter device, innovative film tension transferring and buffer unit, facilitates film lengthadjustment, special color film positioning device. The film is stickedon bottom of packaged product in order to get a fine looking.
        →Advanced electric heating tunnel enables both excellent and effective shrinking result.
        Pad size