Low level palletizer

        Low level palletizer???

        Machine Model
        Machine Features
        → Low-level in-feed with single in-feed, double in-feed, double in-feed double-stack palletizer type for selection.
        →Applicable to various packaging types, such as carton, paper bag, shrink-film, crate and drum etc.
        →PLC control, provided with human-machine interface operation panel,easy operation.
        → The mechanical motion is steady with low noise.
        → Cardboard can be added to the bottom or between layers according to the customers' requirements for shrink-wrapped products.
        →Suitable for different palletizing patterns with convenient adjustment.
        → Pallets with two kinds of different materials are applicable.
        Machinery Parameters
        → Max capacity:40cartons/min
        → Max pallet magazine capacity per layer:250kg
        → Max pallet magazine capacity:1500kg
        → Max pallet height:1800mm
        → Standard pallet size:1100mm*1100(mm)
        → Electric power installed:13kw
        → Compressed air pressure:7bar
        → Compressed air consumption:110L/min