DLPD palletizer

        Low level double-infeed double-stack palletizer
        Machine Model
        Machine Features
        ?→ The high speed with a maximum of 80 cases/min can be reached.
        ?→ The height of in-feed conveyor will be designed to meet with the customers'factory configuration.
        ?→ Higher flexibility, double-stack palletizer can simultaneously palletize products from two wrappers or double-in-feed conveyors, if one of the conveyors breaks down, the customer can still choose single way in-feed palletizing to continue production.
        ?→ Saving space, one double-stack palletizer can reach the capacity of two single-stack palletizers, but less space needed.
        ?→Saving cost, in the sense of investment, one set of double-stack palletizer is much cheaper than two sets of single-stack palletizer.
        ?→Longer working life-span, the special design of high-level in-feed and low-level out-feed on conveyors has greatly reduced the range of hoist's? up-and-down movement which helps to lengthen the machine's life-span,
        besides, this has also brought the convenience for maintenance.
        Machinery Parameters
        → Max capacity:60cartons-80cartons/min
        → Max pallet magazine capacity per layer:250kg
        → Max pallet magazine capacity:1500kg
        → Max pallet height:1800mm
        → Standard pallet size:1200mm*1000mm
        → Electric power installed:25kw
        → Compressed air pressure:7bar
        → Compressed air consumption:200L/min