Belt conveyor

        Belt conveyor???
        Applicable scope
        Belt conveyor (Including bottle clip, can clip, carton clip and vertical lifter). paper bag, iron drum, shrink wrapper, crater… etc
        It is suitable for conveying paper carton, crater, plastic bag, shrink wrapper, fruit sorting and empty bottle. It will reduce the pollution in the process of conveying the product. It will reduce the cost of manpower and enhance the work efficiency.

        Conveying method: belt conveying
        Control mode: electrical cabinet control

        →the unitary design(according to the requirements of customers), including the length of conveyor belt, the width of conveyor belt side, and fixed the method, and the design of mounting method.
        →Easy conveying principle of the complete assembly of the machine, and simple mounting in the field, and flexible shape.
        →Electrical cabinet control mode, totally running in the automatically mode, and also operated? by separately manual mode, easy to learn how to be operated in the field; you can select the different conveying velocity according to the different situation of the field.
        →The conveying belt side contacting with the product is the food-grade conveying belt. Side board, body board, floor board is made of sanitary stainless steel which is totally followed up to? the GMP criterion and the standard of GMP.
        →Easy and simple to maintain the machine, and simple and prompt to adjust the belt.
        →Easy to clean the surface of the conveyor belt